Why You Should Be Worried About VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in Your Home

In the modern world, pollution and environmental contamination are more pressing concerns than ever. Manufacturing, fossil fuels, and the thousands upon thousands of newly invented chemical compounds used in our everyday products each contribute to the overall levels of contamination in our environment. And it isn’t just the outdoors that we need to worry about; hundreds of toxins can find their way right into the inside of your home too.

One of the most dangerous of these toxins are volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Here are three big reasons that they should be on your radar.

They’re Everywhere

Volatile organic compounds aren’t just found from a few isolated sources. Sadly, we can be exposed to them through literally thousands of different places. From paints, plastics, and packaging to furniture, toys, and cleaners, the sources of VOCs are virtually endless. In fact, the concentration of products and items that contain VOCs is so high that it can often feel like they’re inescapable.

They’re Highly Toxic

It’s not just the sources of VOCs that are numerous. Their negative effects are wide and varied too.

VOCs have been proven to be carcinogenic, inflammatory, and generally terrible for the body. They can act as endocrine and hormonal disruptors, causing serious health problems too. In comparison to the other toxins that we encounter on an everyday basis, VOCs are by far the most harmful.

They’re Hard to Eradicate

Due to their high concentration in the world we live in, as well as their molecular makeup, VOCs are extremely hard to remove from your everyday life. As airborne pollutants, VOCs are quite difficult to filter out of the air, and when contained in products the only solution is simply to throw away the product in question.

Are you convinced of the severity of VOC toxicity? Want to learn more about the most common pollutants in your home? Then check out the graphic below to learn more:

home air pollution

Source: How to Get Rid of the Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants

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